21 / Female / Pansexual
Hey! I'm Jay. Jay is short for JayJay and JayJay is short for Jasmyn.
~My favorite colors are pink and yellow.
~im into dd/lg (im a switch, mommy and/or little)
~i am potsexual
~I’m curvy and 4’11

~I love art, music, video games, tv shows(Stranger Things, Riverdale, Rick and Morty, SVTFOE, Doctor Who, Supernatural, etc.)

~ I'm easy to get along with. I reply fast. I like phone calls better. I have a pretty good sense of humor. Im also an open book. So message me if it floats your boat.

~some music i enjoy:
-Tash Sultana
-Three Days Grace
-Alice In Chains
-Rob Zombie
-Childish Gambino
-Infant Annihilator
-Imagine Dragons
-Michael Jackson
-Mayday Parade
-Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks
-Wage War
-Studio Killers

~filthyfrank is life...
i watch a good amount of YouTubers tbh, like Markiplier, Christine and Elijah, Linzor, Grav3yardgirl, Shane Dawson, Brian Barczyk

~i really like snakes...

Kik: g0regal0re

Snapchat; joinmymetalband

Instagram: jxyxjxy

kink tumblr; mistress-kink
Sfw little blog; wittle-pwincess-blog
NSFW little blog; nsfwlittle
Meme blog; automatic-strawberry-gladiator

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589 profile views but i still have no friends XD IM NOT EVIL GUYS