23 / Male / Gay
Dallas – US
Hola, Guten Tag, Bonjour, Hi!
My name is Brian, 
Some of you may not know who I am, or what I do. Let’s change that. 
Let me start this off by saying what i am. I am 21 years old. I, as many of the people in the world am a strong believer in the power of music. I never leave without my iPod, or some sort of music playing device. When people look at me they sort-of take a double take. Yes I do dress the “emo” style, but I do not like to be synonymous with that word. Labels are not for people. I can come off as shy, but if I warm up to you. There is a side that most people never see. The extremely hyper and loud side. 
Let’s see… What else.
Oh, I hate the words “Swag” “perf” and “YOLO”. Don’t ask me why, I will go into a big soliloquy about how they aren’t words, just made up. Another thing is, if you and I don’t know each other but we share a music taste, or a favorite band. Instant friends. As I said before, Music is my life blood. 
You can always come to me for anything, If you get only one thing from reading this long paragraph, let it be that I will never judge you. You can ALWAYS come to me, ask me anything and I will try and help you to my best ability.
So… yeah, I think that’s all. If there is anything you’d like to know, message me, fan mail me, email me. I can answer it.
~ Brian <3