21 / Female / Straight / In Like
Vampire twins with AAFAN
California – US
Hey my name is Jade. i smile all the time thats y ppl call me giggles :) if u ever need someone to always have a positive additude and to talk to im always here :) so add me and i will accept and message u :)

i love Bob Marley <3 i have a huge history of smokin weed, drinking, partying all night, being a total @#!*% but im trying to change... a lil x)

I am taken by the most amazing guy in the world <3

i dont like it when ppl say RAWR or any random stuff ok and dont tell me what to do like if u say stop smoking it is bad for u i will get p***ed the f*** off so dont say tht. and if u add me talk to me or there is no point ok

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Someone message me cuz im bored af!

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Thanks for accepting me :)


Kik me at my new thing ilikasomebooody


i heard you came back today c:


Just checked comments just now LoL a little too late


jade you me and marky mark are gonna have a f***ing threesome! xD


wanna hang out at the mall today?


baby cakes :D


haha okayy c: sendddd


ermmmm i think itssss geenco?? yeah yeah genco xD


Skype me vampire twin source_of_your_insanity