24 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Chicken Land – US
Hey there stranger
My name is Ludmila
Im a Wierdo.
I like being AWKWARD

love coffee, energy drinks, and foxes.
I hate people. I know I am rude but its the truth they judge to much.

Don't put your life in someones hands who are bound to steal it away


My Loves: Bubble tea, cats, cute people, I like poptarts o -o

Hates:really good looking people.

I smoke & Drink.

I have nothing else to say, just talk to me I guess...

.Ludmila (hailey).❤
.17 years young.
❤ omg.
I love my friends, without them there is no me.<3
My favorite bands are:
Bring Me The Horizon
Pierce The Veil
Sleeping With Sirens
Of Mice & Men
Buried In Verona
Crown The Empire
~ talk to me >w<

Yuuup, this is me.

Atelophobia; the fear of not being good enough.

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Maybe he left because he saw me the way I see myself.

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