20 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Clarksville – US
Hey Stalkers ;)
about me: So let's see, i was born in Guam (that's an island ^.^) i moved to England for about..6-7 years. Than i moved to Tennessee :D and i've been living there ever since c: umm I'm 14, i have one nickname that i'll let you guys use which is Tiger ^.^
I listen to Avenged sevenfold, Bring Me the Horizon, BOTDF, dubstep, nightcore, idk a lot haha. I'm not gonna lie, i do enjoy some rap music :3 lol
umm top 10 favourites:
1.Mtn Dew!!:D if you get me mtn dew. i'll like. love you. forever.
2. Ramen noodles!! Chicken/Shrimp flavour<3
3.Tigers, they're my favourite animal (hence the nickname)
4. Video games!! (i don't have my own xbox..shh. i know. i'm lame.)
5. Kittens!:D i have 3 right now c:
6.Tumblr. sorrynotsorry, i'm addicted.
7.Gummybears/worms/..anything gummy really c:
8.Favourite fruit would have to be strawberries/watermelon *-*
9.I do like Poke'mon. so..yes c:
10.My favourite type of people are the one's who interact and are just fun loving :T if you don't..than you will. because..idk just accept it. o.e
okadie, thanks for learning about me c:
now bye.

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what would you guyses say is the best type of mtn dew? I can't decide what to get for my tummy monster c:<