22 / Male / Skoliosexual / Single and Looking
onetwokalamzoomydude – US
Im jus a boy wishing to b a girl with G cup tits. Wats so hard to uderstand about that? Also, i dont talkk to fat ppl, srry but they giv me cold sweets and i get ansiety b/c my dad died of diabetties frmo being obese. ^;;^

i LOVE anime (not blac pple) and videog ames. especially chuniboo and lucky star and call of duty with assassins creed too! talk to me if you want to play toontonw or somethin!

*holds up temmie*

I dont date many people becas 9 tims out of 10 they put a fingr in my but when the succ me xDDDD


But fr i liek big booty.

I hat ejocks and emo kids are the rel friends of the eart. i love u giys and pls come say hi anytme!

music i listen to is:
Baby f*** supreme,
late night waffle house ,
Of mice and msn,
worlords of draenor.
Thats it!! >:V xDDDD

i dont tlk to christians or jews. they freak me out. pls leav if your one. Never forget, MOJOJOJOJO AND BOBOBOBOBO :333333

I only wear yoga pants and spandex so people of all kidns cxan see my curvy luscious ass cheeks. just dont bite my cheekies when you see 'em ;))) :3333

<3 u guys!!