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screaming at lolipops Azc15
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my names Teagan, and i tend to be quite a loanley person. See im not makeing much of a child hood for myself.. everyone else is with there friends and, i stay home with myself. Thats the only person i need. I love writeing and drawing, painting. I love photography and modeling. I love astronomy and cosmatology. i tend to be very smart, but sometimes i just cant show it, youll see if you message me. I love going for walks alone and i love to help people. Im highly antisocial and im generally a very interesting and quiet person. Get to know me and a lot of my traits will reflect what im saying here.

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deleteing my account guys.

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Azc15 asked

are you still my screaming at lollipops buddy bc u haven't answered any of my messages I miss u!!!
yes!! im so sorry!

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-brushes dust of shoulder- You just noticed that? My amasingness must have blinded you until now


Sexiest poser of them all;3


Whore monkey :3


Hey baby its me I miss


Thank you :s


i love you 2.