18 / Male / Bandsexual / Recently Single
One half of Thot Police with Sadboi.Strider
hai :3 ~~~ my name is joe but i go by J ;) i BLEED music lawl xD I am crazy for Fallo ut boy, mcr, Good Charlote, rise against, Blackk veil brides, falling in reverse, and pierce the veil. BOTDF saved my life. im part of the bro army (brOFist!!!11!1! hahaha ;)) smosh and keemstar is comedy GOLD. my favv video game is wiii sports (RESORT). john green is GOD haha, but seriously god doesnt exist. im a hardcore atheist. richard dawkins and carl sagan: science forever!

i'm damaged :^(( i am self-diagnosed depression, anxiety, PTSD, narcolepsy, insomnia, multiple personality disorder, Oldtimers, and suicide.

I dont bite...hard ;))) do you get it?? haha. im a virgin but im very experienced xD i'll be gentle.

K byeee i wuv u :3