25 / Female / Recently Single
in the clouds' – CA
I'm holding onto a fairytale.

✗drug free
✗in need of repair

♡ zelda
♡ pokémon
♡ assassins creed
♡ marvel
♡ original fairy tails
♡ tattoos & piercings
♡ chocolate chip pancakes

♫ A Day To Remember
♫ The Beatles
♫ Chiodos
♫ Bring Me The Horizon
♫ Hands Like Houses
♫ Major League
♫ Crown the Empire
♫ Beartooth

I am super awkward, so sorry in advance.

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Now I am drunk. Should I do yoga?

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DoctorDoxy asked

random af, but you are honestly stunning <3
Thank you love. You are so sweet.