24 / Female / Forever Alone
is fingerin ellybelly57
hi my name is enya but my friends call me enyum xD

im bisexual but ive never been with a girl ewww haha xD

i luv anime!! naruto is so good and gaaaaraaaa is so hot omg

im quite random andi love rainbows hehe ^o^

i like amazing music that i can really connect to like i don't love you by m.c.r. because i don't love you </3 lol!

i hate posers!!!! i am really real unlike fake plastic bimbos!

i liek drawing pics of me with cartoons, its not weird! i love them ^-^

message me if u wanna speak but you hav to be scene becos if your not then your a loser!!

i heart emo boys kissing, its so hot xD so if ur an gay emo boy then pls message me omfg!


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anyone wanna share this cookie with meh? X3

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: )