23 / Female / Straight / Single
Eureka – US
hiya, my name is Emily i'm 19 years old and currently attend Humboldt State University majoring in Zoology. I will respect anyone who respects me, and i will leave anyone who disrespects me because you are not worth my time. I am a huge nature and animal lover, but I am very understanding for people and I do not judge little "flaws" that most will. I DO NOT smoke/drink/or do any form of drug. I AM NOT religious so please do not start a conversation about religion. i get annoyed easily when my wishes are pushed aside. Respect my beliefs and ill respect yours. i am a shy person so i tend to not mesg first but you may message me if you are up to for a conversation, but if you are a person who kills the mood every time and replies with one word don't bother. I reply to everyone.. until i get annoyed.

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eeeeeeee never on here hah

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TehBigBunnyRawr asked

Do you know the muffin man?
yes i know the muffin man

he lives on mulberry lane ;D

~shrek~ ^_^

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sleep well :D


Yeah, but you will get use to it.


Busy busy busy bee. lol.


The 1st year is always the craziest. :)


Oh okay, eek..you ready for it?


Yes. Got anything going for you tonight?


You're welcome, that's good to hear. Mine was..okay. But then i got sick.. grr. But i seem to be getting better.


Your hair it's like fire o.o *tries to touch* it burns D:


Doing amazing, thanks for asking. Hope you're night went well.


How are you doing this fine night?