20 / Female / Straight / Recently Single
south lyon – US
im 16 i love to talk to people and i love all people i will try to get back to everyone as soon as possable but if i cant im sorry i will try anything you want to know about me just ask :3 i love using faces such as :3 ^.^ ;3 -.- -_- and thats it for now thx everyone for viewing my page and if you look at my page add me like really... my fav bands are bvb asking alexandria and hollywood undead.
I'm a big flirt. I don't always mean to but it happens if you dont like it then f*** you too and i dont bite.... hard ;3 lol hope to talk to you all soon and if you add me talk to me i might not always start the convos but just say something and if you say k or hi or somthing small im not going to reply to you thx byeee...

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Someone skype me I'm bored as hell an want to skype

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Goodnight. *inserts cuteness here* ♥