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abandoned hospital – UK
Hello, my name is Daeva, and I feel like tacos.
Here is, in essence, everything about me except for the personal stuff (i.e. my birthday, what state I live in, etc.). Ask me personally if you want to know that stuff.
I will admit that people sometimes find me socially awkward. I can be really quiet at times, really chill at others. I can be hyper, random, and weird. So, be expecting the unexpected from me.
I'm a romantic. You'll most likely fall in love with me. Don't worry, everyone does.
You can tell me anything. I carry secrets to my grave.
I like to help people and make them feel good.
My friends say I'm really funny.
I'm good at giving advice. I have people that come to me daily. I guess they think I'm their shrink. *shrugs*
I hate feelings. I try not to show them because I feel they're a weakness. I've been hurt too many times to afford to let my gaurd down. There are very few people I do this with.
My past is a tragedy. I've been through a lot and lost so much.
hmm I accept every friend request.
I hate being mean and fighting, but if the situation calls for it, you'll seriously regret it.
People are afraid of me when I'm angry. I'll kill a niggah. My friends tell me a monster lives inside me and he only comes out when I'm angry and he's really scary. (//_^)
If you're going to hate, you might as well save your breathe because you won't phase me, stupid bitch. I'm solid, so f*** you!
My favorite colors are black, blue, and purple.
Favorite sport is hockey.
Favorite television show is The Walking Dead. I love zombies! <3
I love all animals.
People say I'm green and I ask them what's wrong with recycling.
Music is everything to me!
I love horror movies.
I can sing, scream, growl, pig squeal, etc. all the good stuff that makes your vaginas twitch. ^_~
I can play guitar, bass, violin, piano and keyboard.
I hate to play video games!
So, anything you want to know, just ask. :D
Add me! <3

People ask me why my heart always aches and why it's so heavy, and my answer is... Well, because pieces of your heart clearly weigh more when they're sitting shattered at the bottom of your stomach. </3

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I put a fork in the toaster while i was trying to stab a waffle to get it out n i didnt even get an electric shock so what was the point

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XSilvermoonn20 asked

What is your scariest or darkest side?
Trust me ,you don't want to know ,I'm not proud of it

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i love your profile :)


i miss u *hugs u* im sad *frowns*


Thank you n.n




happy bday~


^•^ hope your day is awesome sauce


Thanks for accepting my friend request ^•^




haha (':


*hugs back* Son, how are you older than me? XD