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Lance has the right to tapping my piano TheSirLancelot
In Your Head – CN

Rightfully claimed pianist of GP

Hi, I'm Jess, and I generally don't care what you have to say about me, so let's move on, shall we?

Probably avidly reading or listening to more death or black metal like I always am, so see you soon.

Twelve year pianist, six year oboist and english hornist. My love for classical music > my love for you.

Kinashen is the loml.

I'm quite a dull person so unless you know how to keep a conversation alive things will end at "hello."


~ 君を好きでよかった ~

---\/---If You
---[]---Support METAL
---[]---add the guitar
--/[]\--to your page
-/._. \-
/_/ \_ \

Shameless plug but join Anime Soul Discord, the world's biggest Anime Discord Server at discord.gg/otaku

A list of very important people in no specific order because they are all angels not to be held by status but by the generosity of their hearts:
trashh a very relevant queen
chickninabiskit horror movies buddy
hexgirl my kpop bias
Cotton is included in ‘all the best people have brown eyes’ and a sweetheart
MissMomo le wife, the best, I LOVE HER SO MUCH; must protecc
CornHub 👑   a beautiful madam
Chrisp sassy spice (sorrynotactuallysorry)
Amaryllis  a literal G O D D E S S and the mother of GP
PastelPsychedelics beep boop
Bjorn asmr is better when high
shark GIL!
blessed a QUEEN and my aesthetic, please put that on my tombstone
ItsMeHolly A GORGEOUS BABE and also my anime/kpop boo thang
Lolicon BEAUTY IN IT'S GREATEST FORM (fight me if you think otherwise)
Yeerritslexx the main hoe of GP
Corpse.Grinder  the official metal head of GP (taking my spot, thanks, Jason)
moophy the cutie of GP
Epresso is so qt and I love her so much
TheSirLancelot sorry I annoy you too much on oW but I hope you won't take it to heart ok ilyvm <3
boyfriend my precious DIAMOND and my literal mom like wow who let her be so precious I can't
clorOx the literal LOML who owns my whole heart
Favriel a beautiful gorl whom I love v v v v much <3

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imagine getting back into league, oops

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Whomst stalked my profile without leaving a question?
My bad my bad Luci, will do so rn

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I thought that said go off yourself at first LOL


I mean if i wanted a salad I'd order a salad


Idk, your account is always online, its been like over a year now since when I first noticed this.




I love how your ow is always on even when you're not XD




i heart u 💗💗💗




I am, in fact, a peacock... so I feel you, my bird brethren. coo coo motherf***ers