20 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Lost in my thoughts – UK
Haii:3 Becky's the name, readings the game... Wait, no, that's not it. Oh well! I read far too much as well as spending too much time on the internet! Horse riding is what the rest of my time is spent doing. Baggy hoodies and denim jackets are what you'll find me wearing! Pierce The Veil's what you'll find me listening to, 24/7 :) I have a pretty busy life, with horse riding, being a full time nerd, having a social life and refurbishing old cars and tractors! I'm really not a horrible person! Unless you're horrible to me or you ask for dirty pics, we'll get along:P Send me messages!!:3

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Someone snapchat or kik me! HeyItssBecky