16 / Female / Straight / Single
orange, california – US
Things I like:

Bands: Palaye Royale, MCR, FOB, BVB, FIR, P!ATD, Get Scared, Hollywood Undead etc.

TV shows: SPN, AHS, ALF, Sabrina the teenage witch, fresh prince, mork and mindy, big bang theory, Invader Zim, etc.

Anime: Death Note, Blue exorcist, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sword Art Online, Black Butler etc.

Authors: Dean Koontz, Darren Shan, Katie Alender, etc.

youtubers: crankthatfrank, hair jordan, social repose, onision, dan and phil, corpse husband etc.

CREEPYPASTAS (jeff the killer<3)

I love horror :)

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if you're going to message me, i'm not going to "talk dirty" or anything like that. i'm going to talk about music, books, tv shows, youtubers etc. please talk to me if you want to chat about those things :)