18 / Female / Straight / Single
ugly massachusetts – US
the sole reason i am here is to make a profile and show off all the s***ty stuff i like. i like making everything look simple, yet nice. i like to write bios about myself, so hello.

i hate everyone, but i like to skateboard, break into abandoned buildings, and play video games. i am also into photography, and i love reading, especially anything by stephen king. a few books that i suggest anyone to read are:
✦11/22/63 by stephen king
✦the green mile by stephen king
✦hearts in atlantis by stephen king
✦one flew over the cuckoo's nest by ken kesey
✦dharma bums by jack kerouac

if we have anything in common, i could probably talk to you for days about the stuff i enjoy, especially books. if you ask me what my favorite movie is, i would tell what you at least five of them are, but instead, i'll list them.
¤ the breakfast club
¤ dazed and confused
¤ dirty dancing
¤ a lot like love
¤ the notebook
¤ silence of the lambs
¤ fight club

i used to be a huge nerd with supernatural, doctor who, sherlock, etc., but then i grew out of it. despite this, i will still talk to you about them and fangirl over them with you if you ask!

since i won't really be on this account (except for stalking/bio editing), add me on:
☞snapchat: majesticsnorlax
☞steam: lonely boy
☞instagram (photography): delincvnt / (personal): pretty.mel0dy
☞kik: delinc***

i absolutely love animals, and i own three birds, a dog, and two fish.

i used to actually have a legit account on this website, like, 4 years ago, so i'm kinda throwin' it back by making a new account.

message me, i guess. i like to talk! tell me what you like to do for fun, and i'll do the same. ask me questions!

ps. if i stalk you, i'm either making fun of you, or i think you're hot. you decide which. :^)