21 / Female / Straight / In Like
Hey. I'm Eleanor. I have an Instagram. Go follow me. Its dareeleanor I don't know if I'm "scene" enough to be here since I have curly hair but I want some amazing friends so yeah. I kind of like someone but you know, it's always weird when you're awkward like me. Also want to make some cool friends who won't judge me for my music taste and stuff.
**I'm totally single and a huge flirt. But I'm not a slut. I'm just sick of being single really. So fix that.
I love All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, and Marianas Trench. Also like cute animals, batman, eyeliner, and making friends.
I try to be nice. :)
Very oddly social but sometimes anti-social. Depends on the day.
Kik: daretobeevenbetter
Suffering with Ana.

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SEND ME MESSAGES MOTHERF***ERS! Jokes I love you all! But you better f***ing message me...

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