999 / Male
singing really loudly at you with UncertainDeathRaven 
Somewhere in the Germanland – DE
   i must locate the shrimp

i have a youtube channel but i don't upload much content on there

oh, here's the channel link

if you wanna see what i'm up to with my music, i post most of my unfinished work on here clyp.it/user/als0t4ul

and for my next trick i shall show you a lot of dots

sorry i'm still learning

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F*** kale and f*** you if you like it

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Ducktape asked

I stole your shrimp and I won't give them back until you heart my profile >:(
If you really stole my shrimp, you should know the full name, right? Tell me the full name and I shall consider.

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i miss you skype bestie c:


It has been very long my friend


After i graduate (2020) im probably gonna go back to Europe & I’ll deadass visit you 😤😤