21 / Female / Straight / Single
My fucking Best Friend <3
Melbourne – AU
hey lovelies,
My name is Annabell, but people call me Anna, which I prefer. I am a directioner and a mixer for life, if you are too, feel free to add me, if your not, then feel free to add me too, if that even makes sense. Anyways, my favorite animals is either cats or giraffe's. I am straight and single, I DON'T send nude pics or chat dirty, so if your looking for somebody like that I'm not the right person. I love pink, but I am not that girly. Obsessed with gaming and skating with my friends. I am straight and single pringle, ready to mingle ;)
I like listening to music and I love writing stories, which I do, a lot.
Well, i guess that's mostly it.

-xoxo- Anna.