20 / Male / Straight / In Love
Harrodsburg, KY – US
Hi I don't say much, but dont be afraid to ask me things lol, what's up?...
ok so my life couldnt be any better than it is now, ive been going to the lake pretty much everyday because its so nice outside, ive talked and met new people one that i wouldnt have ever thought could be my best friends in my whole life.... i have a big trip planned out next summer.... im going to Hawaii!!!!!! can you believe it!? my country ass is going there.... so im going to the gym to lose more weight, so i can look good and i think i found someone to bring with me.... she is really nice.... and pretty...

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I love u baby 😍😘😍😘😍😘


Your mine forever baby 😍😘


I love you baby 💘