22 / Male / Gay / Single
Belgrade – YU
Hello, i'm Filip. Nice to meet you =)

I like to:
- Watch movies
- listen to music
- read books
- sing
- act
- paint and maybe graphic design
- cook

I'm generally into punk. Too many subgenres to list but if you want, it might take time to write forever:
Emo, Screamo, Powerviolence, Post-hardcore, Metalcore, Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Alt. Rock, Alt. Metal, Noise Rock, Noise Pop, Shoegaze, Experimental, Noise, Free Improv, Lowercase, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Synth Pop, Indie Pop, Sadcore, Trance, Industrial (real and fake), Trip Hop, Vaporwave, Post Punk, Coldwave, DSBM, Lo-fi, 60's Pop, etc.

Can't list bands, check the link instead, ya fazy lucks.

I may be vulnerable, but i may be dangerous. There are limits, but i cannot tell you which one is... You might get it once i'm done with you. :P

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