20 / Female / Straight / Recently Single
Death to all buddies Wildbebes
Underland – US
I'm me xD my name is Angelika (ik I hate it too) but most people call me Angel, Ange, or Angey

I have depression and anxiety and more than that but not diagnosed for it

I have a new kik which you will have to ask for and I have a few other chatting websites in case you don't have kik

I like to hang out with friends and listen to BVB, BOTDF, SWS, PTV, BMTH, and any really any type of music... any other things you wanna know just ask

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so I got my lip pierced guys, who wants to see?

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BambiEatsChildren asked

Are you mentally insane?
Yush xD highly... I'm surprised I'm not in an institution yet

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