21 / Female / Single
is botdf buddies <3 AjTheFallen
:P – US
I love bvb, sws, ptv, Memphis May Fire, Issues, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, botdf, bmth, Asking Alexandria, Skillet, Falling in Reverse, and other bands. I love anime and the Japanese culture. I also, like WWE. AND I LOVE HUGS AS WELL<3
I have gages, I'm a Christian, going to get tattoos, and music is my life and passion. So yeah.

Ok, and before you all keep reading on, i want you to know, that even though i do not know you, i love you. And please do stay strong, because you are worth it, and dont let anyone tell you you aren't. And always know you are loved. <3 So yes. Sorry you can read on now. :) <3

I also have a Kik and skype just ask if ya want to talk.

Im here for anyone who needs a friend or someone just to talk to. My easiest way to talk is kik so yeah just ask me, for that. :)

<3 Love you all <3 :*

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Hi guys! Long time since I've been on! Missed you! How's you been? Comment belowwww. 😋

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mylittlepony23 asked

what state where u going to see them
Maryland or Pennsylvania