21 / Male / Straight / Single
Delaware – US
I'm a songwriter (hence the name). I'm mostly into all types of rock, but I'll listen to anything. I like to have fun and absolutely HATE boredom. So please help me in my quest to vanquish my growing apathy and achieve liveliness!

Some facts because why not:
-I'm super into music, though you probably assumed that.
-I've played piano for years, and recently have been teaching myself guitar.
-I've been homeschooled all my life. (Yes I have friends, no I don't have social problems, except that I suffer from an extreme case of occasional boredom).
-I'm a vegetarian. Was just simply raised that way, and don't wanna change it.
-I haz XBOX :D that's xbox 360, not this dumb "one" BS. Message me for my gamertag :#

And that's all you get stalkers, message me cause I'm cool (jk). But seriously, hmu. Did you message me yet? ... I'm waitingggggg ._.

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Have a wonderful new year! ♥