22 / Female
My name is obviously Chelsea. I live in s***ty New York, which really sucks. I love to draw, watch videos, and talk to people. I am seriously really nice, unless you make me mad, then I'm not. Don't start a conversation with just "heyy." Just no...I do things I probably shouldn't, but I'm teenager and I do what I find enjoying. I go to boces for cosmetology and I love it! I 100% hate school with a strong passion. I never go after cosmetology. I know nothing about cars, games, really old bands, rap, or country...well I don't know a lot of things, buy people usually bring those up. I'm funny, perverted, weird, and I can be a flirt. I have a Facebook that I'm on 24/7: Chelsea Leigh Chitwood
Well I'm done for now, bye! <3

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Snapchat me: wonderlandslost