20 / Non-binary / Pansexual / In a Relationship
I feel no remorse for the wicked deeds I have commited. No remorse for the loved ones who have fallen and certainly nothing to apologize for.
Lost in my own train of thoughts that consume me. The faces of my victims haunt me every f***ing night driving me to insanity. I thought to myself
last night as I lay in my own bed awake with bordem and anxiety why do I suffer from drowning in my own thoughts. As I always say, walk a mile in
my shoes, you'll be begging to take yours back. Step inside the gates of my mind
and you'll spend the rest of eternity trying to find the way back out. Humanity itself disgusts me and why am I unwillingly part of it?
Why do I suffer in place of my fallen comrades? I've built a wall concealing myself from the monsters we commonly know as "humans".
If we're supposedly the most intelligent creatures on this planet, why do we make each other suffer to make ourselves look better.
We as a species are truly disgusting and naive. Full of greed and the lust for power, money and the thought of world domination. Full of hatred
consumed by ourselves.