22 / Female / Straight / Single
Hoofddorp – NL
hii, Talk to me if you are going to add me. I'm not interested in fools who think they are funny.

For those who are still reading:
I love almost everything.
My favourite food is Chinese food. I hate everything that is spicy.
I can be really patient but I annoy me on everything.
I'm still learning to perfect my English so if you see any faults please correct me.
I don't really fit into any stereotypes. I thinks its all beautiful and I wear it if I like it.
I'm currently studying to be a vet assistant and I'm teaching myself Japanese.
I play awful guitar but I'm not giving up!
I love longboarding.
I will be otaku till i die.
I love to draw manga and nature.
I can write poems but I'm not really motivated to do so.
I love spiritual stuff and I can convert dreams to present daily live problems.
I love every music except rap and r&b

Thanks for reading!!!

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how ya'll emo's doin hu?

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Sexualboychocolate asked

what ur favorite anime?
black butler, zankyou no terror, tokyo magnitude 8.0, hellsing and wolfs rain

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what happen. ? just text if u have aproblem. .may i can give u motivation.


where are. ?. .u just going to on.


thanks for accepting =D


Thank u sweetie ツ