26 / Male / Single and Looking
is respecting and smiling with Ice.Flower
california – US
My friends call me Bubblez, cuz when i was a kid i always loved bubbles for some reason. Anyways i was squirtle for holloween for quite a long time. Anyways i was always bullied as a kid, i tried to hang myself once but the noose got untied. I've um...been diagnosed with cancer and yea, it f***ing sucks but I guess it's whatever no one even f***ing likes me :'/
anyways bye *kiss* *kiss* -love Bubblez....maybe.

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FraudulentAcct asked

Can we cuddle? o////o
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only...and only if were naked.

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so f***in cute


D: you are never on here anymore .. WHY


hiii i like your face /.\