23 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
Vermont – US
I hate certain people and certain types of people. I love InuYasha. He is my furture husband haha. I can be pretty funny when I want to be. I am weird and random and proud of it. I don't like c***s and assholes. I'm not a whore. I don't really like people. I'm not giving out any personal information. I'm protective of people I care about. I can the the sweetest. But I can also be your worst nightmare. I'm not Emo/Scene or Goth. I'm just myself. I don't like labels. I'm a metal head. My favorite band is between Avatar, Rob Zombie or In This Moment. I have a ZTE Mavan for a mobile phone. I don't like drama. I try not to get involved in other people's problems unless I feel like I need to. I have no piercings currently and I have one tattoo. Loved Emos/Scene and Goth people since I was 14. I prefer long distance relationships so I can make sure the whores that hate me don't go near who I'm dating and my exes won't know who I'm dating.

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