20 / Female / Bisexual / Single
under your bed – US
My name is Katherine but you can call me Kat. I am weird and i am proud and music is my life! Wanna get to know me? ask.
Fav band:BMTH
Fav Movie:Moulin Rouge
Fav passtime:singing and drawing
Goals:live life to its fullest and help people
Fav Tv stuff: Anime, Dr.Who...stuff
Fav Song:Come what may-Ewan Mcgregor and Nicole Kidman (FTM)
Talk to me cx
KK bye <3

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xXminxyXx asked

What do you look for in girls
Personality they need to be understanding and not a whore cause been there done that, it hurts. I prefer someone i can hold and cuddle I like cuddles....I want someone weird and who has the interests as me and i especially like it when they let me play with their hair and make up and kiss me cx but thats really for any gender though... if a guy lets me do their make up i will love them forever i really dont have specifics for any gender :3

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