23 / Male / Straight / In a Relationship
Hey im Mitch im a huge gamer nerd that is currently dating this amazing goddess of beauty named Maddie who is also a super cute nerd as well :p

I have strange tastes in music I have kik and im honestly looking for people to txt

If you have steam and want to game sometime let me know...I wont play CS:GO no matter how much you ask

I dont hide my emotions and I wear my heart on my sleeve and apparently I'm no longer cursed!

I enjoy old cheesy horror movies like era john carpenters "the thing"

If I seem at least a tiny bit interesting to you go ahead and message me I dont care how you sexually identify or race or gender or anything im honestly just looking for friends and i managed to find the perfect girl apparently I am lucky!

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Man I guess I got the internet cooties no one has replied to any of my messages