23 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Irwin, Pennsylvania. – US
I'm Sarah. 17. I'm overall a nice person to everyone, but then again I hate people in general. I'm a psycho when it comes to spelling, punctuation; etc. So if you can't spell, etc. Don't speak to me. I'll end up thinking you're from another planet. I don't mind being alone, so please don't try & change that. I have maybe four close friends & only one I share everything with. & with that said; I have trust issues. Major trust issues. I'm fairly normal. Well.. maybe not. I smoke, I drink, I poke smot. I love writing. I don't get to share it much, unless it's on tumblr. Which indeed you may follow me on. :3 If you're lucky; i'll follow you too. I have no Idea why I continue to write about myself. The music I listen to can explain me more than I can.

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Why must 95% of you be fake. xD oh my god this is funny.