18 / Female / Asexual / Single and Not Looking

Hi there!
I'm Grace : )
I am extremely friendly, and you can of course feel open to talk with me
I am aromantic-asexual, and am not interested in any relationships. Please do not send me anything relating to this.
I'm interested in friends, not hookups.
I'm an avid fan of comics and superhereos. My whole room is full of posters, comics and figurines ( mainly Deadpool and Spider-Man LOL ).
I love video games, but sadly, I really do not have any counsels of my own and didn't necessarily grow up with any, so I like to watch people play them.
My favourites include: Rainbow 6, We Happy Few, Outlast, God of War, Mad Max, Resident Evil, Detroit: Become Human
I also love Slashers/Body horror. I am honestly in love with Jason Voorhees.

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Same here. I either wear the same outfit and change come morning, or after work I change into the next day's outfit and sleep in it

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