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most amaizing colorful friend EVER! KaylaFronzak
Tucson AZ & Taos NM – US
If it isnt obvious i love llamas X3. I am a pretty cool person, i love people I love piercings!!(which would kinda point to all the little holes in ma face XD). invader zim and Corage the cowardly dog are my favoritest shows in the whole entier world!!(if you love either of those shows plz comment and we will be the bestest friends ever!!), i have a twitter but i just made it because i was bored. my fav color is blue and sushi (in my mind) IS THE ABSOLUTE GREATEST THING IN THE WHOLE ENTIER WORLD THAT MAN KIND HAS CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ya thats me :3

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i dont know if any one has noticed but most of the time the people who are these awesome colorful scene people had all started out as posers, so those of you who say "aww dude! i hate posers!" just think about how you first started to get into your style, i would highly dissagree that you started out as awesome and "perfect" as you are now, so all im saying is think about what you say to other people.

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d'uhmmmm, cool? xD I just turned 16.


o_e thanks o_e


Yeah haha :D


Well thanks. I am. :P haha


Hello, Thank you for accepting. :)