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Her Romeo <3 VampireMwah101
Adelaide – AU
Hi im Alexander but just call me Alex the only time anyone calls me Alexander is when im in trouble xp. I live in Australia, I'm really bad at bio's xp but ill give it a shot

I love riding i have a Triumph T100, i enjoy photography, anime, cosplaying, kingdom hearts, figure skating, making up story's of strangers on the street pretty much if you like any of those things we will get along nicely ah and im a bit crazy get to know me well enough and you will see it very clearly n.n

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It’s Australia Day here down under!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺 We don’t really have much national pride but it’s a holiday that heavily promotes drinking so we all pretend 😂 happy get f***ed it day

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MuddinGurl asked

Happy Birthday!
why thank you very very much :) !

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thx ur rly nice




What a hottie. xD


Best friendddddd


really feeling the gerard way 2011 vibes in ur profile pic


It was such a good bday thank youuuu


thank you so much for being an ass boo :*


it would be easier to stop looking in the mirror if it wasnt shattered to pieces on the floor because someone (you) decided to look in it and it broke.. now im trying to figure out how to clean it up.


i see a faggootttttttt :*


Tis True that no matter how far away thee is from thy Romeo I shall always love thee with all my heart forever and ever.