103 / Female / Pansexual
le b00ty – US
♥ 1-800-DID-NOT-ASK ♥
♥ I'm a moody bitch ♥
Send me love ♥
Wicked.babe ♥ Sissy ♥
• I love sloths too much
• I'm weird
• I sit by highways for fun
• My sister is my everything
• I hate warm or hot weather
• I'm really insecure
• I love conspiracy theories
• I'm shy irl

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♡ for tbh

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Http.ScumBag asked

TBH: Idk you but you seem very nice and you're very pretty! :)
awh ty ty

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S m o o ch es

Amaryllis ✨ 

Happy birthday Dear!


You're the cutest <3