21 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone
Noble County – US
Calm your tits, bitch.
I'm punk/scene, don't like it?
Take a pair of Nikes and hike. .
I'm the girl your parents warned you about.
I'm a skater chick. So f*** off!
I'm Bisexual.
I'm a real sweet person unless you p*** me off, I wouldn't take that chance. You might get a broken limb.
Music is my life.
Guitar Player, singer and screamer.
Eating disorder.
Self harm.
Don't judge me, before you know my story
I'm different, weird, quiet, but sometimes loud. I can't make everyone happy, I can be a complete mess sometimes, and others I smile. I'm imperfect, and wouldn't be anything else for the world. Because I'm just me and I like being this way
I live in a fantasy world, where I live my dream for rock and roll. That's just me, and my dreams.

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Oi, I'm freezing. Even with a hoodie on