23 / Female / Lesbian / Forever Alone
streamwood, illinois – US
hey my fellow ppls the names angelina im a very random and bubbly person and im not afraid to speak my mind and tell you how i feel i have a huge heart but i have no time for bulls*** im sick of trusting ppl and then getting stabbed in the back in the end so i trust very few ppl anymore but i promise you if you ever meet me you will either love me to death or hate my freakin guts i have a very special group of ppl in my life and i would do anything for them they mean the world to me so f*** with them and i will chop your f***in head off lol jk but seriously dont mess with them anyways im very open so if you wanna know anything just ask

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just because i dont meet your standards doesnt mean im not happy with who i am inside and out

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Watching Supernatural >.>


haai :3 whats up?