19 / Non-binary / Asexual / Single and Not Looking
Bold LIttle Bro GabeWonderAngel1
Gulfport – US

I like tea,books,and music.I love to learn and talk about deep topics. Love ya ♡♡


My name is Anastasia . I'm 18 years old from a boring small town. I'm kinda shy but once you talk to me I can be really goofy and loud.
I love to write stories, play video games, watch anime, cosplay, read manga, and I do dabble in blogging.
I love weird indie music & classical.

I probably am doing bad, but I'm still going to try ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

I also like anime, drawing, music , Pokémon ,pastels,
starbucks, Harley Quinn, tumblr, doctor who, hot chocolate , and deep convos.

Ohhh, and i also know Spanish , English, and currently learning French. Soooo if i sound interesting you can still add me.

I almost forgot to mention. I love vintage things. <3

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I'll never accomplish anything

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