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Tehe hi my name is Amber :D Flat out I'm a freak. I like all types of music but, mostly rock. I Like girls that dress like dudes and really hot guys. I don't feel the need to lie about what i like. I play the electric guitar. I'm addicted to it. :D I love Never Shout Never if they stop creating music I'll die. I love to cook :3 I also love to read :D I read the whole imortal series in 78 hours xD I'm terrible. I get depressed alot and go off by my self and play guitar. My mom passed in july so i kinda freak out when people make nasty comments about their mom

So any who message me and as for my numba :D and here is a hug for you :D

I also write. At this moment I'm writing a book called Wings. The first chapter sucks ass. Its like one page so i should make it the prolog but eh that consuses my fans. I post/read on I love that site if it crashed I think I'd die. I would lose ky story,never rind out what happens in the mutiple books I'm reading, and lose touch with great friends. Maybe one day I'll attempt to publish it. I don't really want to be a writer though I would much rather be a pedireactic (I think thats how you spelll it im on a tablet right now so cant really fix it) nurse. I love kids but, I only want one boy. I love scary movies one day I'd like to do the screams for one ( I have a great preepy girl screach) or direct one. Music is my life so is my facebook haha I'm an addict. If I'm on here its cause facebook got boring, or theirs someone I'm trying to talk to. I say I like pie alot please don't mind me, I have no clue why I say it. I love to read. Right now I'm reading the Harry Potter series Ik I'm far behind haha. So yeah thats about it......

Pinger Number:1 (440) 490-3256

Skype: amber.parker440

Email:[email protected]

yep thats it byee :[D

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People irritate me -_-

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Hello. I'm Kaylin. Nice to meet you and thank you c:


thank you c:


No problem x3