18 / Non-binary / Pansexual / In a Relationship
san diego – US
Hello friendos Im Alex Im 16 i love puppies kitties whiskey italian food and hugs. intersectional feminist. pronnouns are whatever you want he she they them i dont care, you cant misgender me, its almost still figuring out how to get around the site, especially with so confused, im new btw. please message me if youre in an emotional crisis or if youre lonely or need advice even if you have no conversation skill to offer i will talk at you if i have to just to keep you company if you need it. new friendos are accepted, just message me and if youre not obviously an asshole (and id make it clear if you were being rude), consider us pals. u got a friendo in me. be the woody to my buzz. well be childrens toys who ironically by our names sound like adult toys. *wink wonk* look up brandon rogers on youtube hes funny. and laci green shes lovely. ok bye yo

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omg ur extremly pretty