23 / Female / Polysexual / Broken Hearted
New Haven – US
Haiii<3! Mah name is Lexiblood. Message me ya'll! Im chill until you p*** me off, then im a reeeeal bitch. My fav bandz r bloodonthedancefloor (so hawt), and panic at the disco. But my super fav is Alexisonfire, becuz my name is in it. I am on fiahhh. They understand my pain and suffering and help me fight the demons inside. Hit me up boyz, im single and ready to tingle. ;D I only cut once a week now and once i od'd on tylenol PM. mah therapist is helpin me with my depression. oh and i hate writing bios. so message me to get to know me. oh and i smoke cigs.

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cant stahp the tears...