26 / Male / Bisexual / Single
I literally eat, sleep, watch a bit of telly (television), go on the net and study ( not going to school) but reading books especially when comes to our Creator and Jesus Christ. I sometimes try to fit in a bit of exercise once in a while (that’s before I got operated) to much to mention that but terribly unfit most of the time. I get moody sometimes, especially when someone annoys me, also some of the thoughts in my mind get me so moody because there’s a lot of things running in my mind. And it’s very irritating. I really enjoy going on the internet but sometimes I get so addicted, I find myself on for hours and hours just because I’m so addicted in social networking, listening to a lot music then after downloading it and explore new things, also I believe that I have anger problem, but the good thing is that I can control it right now unlike before.
Right now, I enjoy being at home with my family but sometimes I prefer to be outside most of the time and go anywhere, hanging out with my friends, partying etc, actually I’m really not a homebody one being a couch potato, but those things are gone by now because I need to be home for a while but I’m going out just to have some appointments to my doctor and going to school just that , I need to be ok for a while as I’ve mentioned a while ago I undergo an operation which includes my brain because I’ve got a hematoma in an accident, thanks God for guiding me and helping me in my suffering but I’m totally ok I should need to take a rest more. Then when I’m ok, I’m going to pursue my goals and dreams and by the Power and Guidance of God that all of that will be true as I visualized all those things everyday.
So about my Love life is quite boring at the moment because there isn’t one. I always arguments about love and all the crap. I find it a very interesting topic because it’s not easy to understand. I understand that love is a very good thing when it works out but I also know that it can be very painful as well. Like everybody I enjoy dating and getting to know people, places and stuff but I just find it very repetitive altogether.
I totally admit that I’m a very unique person, I laugh a lot and laugh at practically anything and everything. I do a lot of random things but I’m proud of them because I think it makes me different. But I realize no matter how different I try to be, I’m still classified as a typical person, I have short hair, wear differently sometimes but in a proper way because I can’t afford to buy my clothes by myself, I get shy once in a while especially when I don’t feel the people around me, because I’m thinking that they’re talking about me and discriminating me in the back of their mind. I just want to be in fashion always so I’m trying hard to do that by mix and matching clothes also by repairing them , because I get so conscious sometimes to the way I looked but it’s ok as long as God knows me it’s ok. I am human and that’s the way we were constructed to behave.

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