19 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
brentwood, essex – UK
heya i'm akane (not my real name but will be when im older)
i hate people who label (unless they turn out to b a realy nice person)
i love anime
my fave is naruto (i especially love the akatsuki)
i always want to help people
i'm pretty talketive and alot of people say im annoying so i just do it on purpose (dont worry im not going to annoy you on purpose if you dont say im annoying in a mean way)
i'm single and looking
my old bf was a stupid cheater and i hate him
if you ever want to talk i'll always listen
i love music especially all time low, simple plan and blink 1 82
my fave color is red (you might have guessed)
fact about my "name": it means brilliant red!
fact about my room: it has a bathroom attached
fact about my best friend: i have been friend with him (yes he is a boy, no i dont have a crush on him) since i was 6 and when i was 4 i met his sister who is also my friend
fact about me: i love making new friends and love to talk
fact abou my family: my mum and dad are divorced and i live with my dad and siblings
fact about my shool: its pretty new and baisicly only just opened
fact about my life: its very boring and nothing realy that exiting happens

sorry for talking so much
add me so we can be friends
leave me a comment, dont worry i dont bite.... hard ;)
jks XD
<3 <3 <3

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meep so bored, everyone i want to talk to on quotev has gone all depressed DX