19 / Female / Straight
stoner/weed smokers katsharp18
wi – US
My names Abigail Angel:)
- I'm very random!
-Im a prostitute only for Courtney!;)
- I'm really young but i'm sure I've still been through and did more s*** than you have
-Don't bother writing me if you want to talk dirty to me.
-I love attention and compliments even though i don't accept them.
-Im not looking for a relationship im happy without a guy!
- I don't like talking to boring people
- Im very blunt and i say what ever i think.
- I don't take insults serious because i just don't offense to them.
- I dont usually like making good friends because i loose everyone i love.
- my favorite season is fall:)
- I love lemon ice tea and hot apple cider
- I am a country girl, a hippy, emo(not that much anymore), and i love fashion
- Nature is beautiful and i love taking pictures of outside.
-I love bob marley, marilyn monroe, and audrey hepburn.
-I love all kinds of music and i LOVE singing im a pretty good singer.
Thats about it, so if you interesed in being friends and friends only then msg me:)

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Every days sweat pants day in my world:)

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yes i love you very much haha


hey dude can i talk to u?