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Hallo everyone! ( ˙ω˙ )╯
My name is Yumi and I was born in Japan but currently live in Germany; my father is German and my mother is Japanese.

I consider myself a sweet, cheerful, friendly and proud. I like reading, listening to music, eating sweets (I'm so greedy) and cats, I'm a fan of cats. Meow!
My life revolves around the world Anime. I LOVE Anime, kya!
Throughout the day I can see ten different Anime episodes! It's an incredible addiction.
I also like video games, especially RPG. My favorite video game is "Lollipop Chainsaw" no, wait, my favorite game is "Bayonetta" AGH, I can not pick just one!! ( ;ω;)~</3

Well, if you want to know a little more of me initiates a conversation, I DON'T BITE, MEOW! ( >òωó< ) ~!!

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Aww, few cute boys in my profile.

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Hiro.Hellface asked

Do you speak german or japanese? :o
I speak both languages, German and Japanese. I am a girl bilingual HAJAHA. :3

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idk where are You .. in which part of world .. iam missing you .. and iam still waiting kafor you .. come back :(


where are you


you have been missed :P


where are you...????


if you are busy in your exam prep then BEST ov LUCK


thank you for accepting ^_^