51 / Male / Barsexual / Divorced
Ur mams left shoe – UK
Absolute unit, catch me in the pub slamming pints and lefties

Hard brexit or we riot
Long live briton

Works at CEO of Avon
I employ 93% percent of the uk's dads so you better put some respect on the name

Side hustle is number #1 shagger at TopLads LTD
My penis is literally so big, f***ing insane unit of measurement

If ur fat I will laugh at you but still probably f*** you, like my dad told me from a young age, any hole is a goal you faggots, you literally cant fathom the thought of a person as alpha as me, I have made many a beta commit sewerside, all for queen and country.

I am very cool I drive a massive truck because I simply can not fit my cock into a conventional car.

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Areet babez fancy a can of stella and a buck behind maccies