15 / Female / Asexual / Broken Hearted
none of ur buisness (; – CA
Rwar i'm a cat :3
hey there i'm jessie but you can call meh the QUEEN OF DARKNESS jk (;
anime/manga/hentai gives meh LIFE (IF U DONT KNOW WHAT THAT IS THEN DONT ASK ME) look it up sweety (:
i'm 13 but im machure for my age. thats why i have no freinds at school because they all like CRAP like m&m, justin beiber and arianna grande. well i like REAL music like,, bring me the horison, mcr peirce the vale, 21 pilots, alltime low, panic at the disco suicide silence,, paramore...i could say more but i dont want to boring (;
you could say im music adicted (;
i have a bf but im asexual DONT JUDGE ME
also im bi-curious (;
GERRARD WAY X BRENDEN URIE SAVED MY LIFE (i write fanfiction on watpad...its rated 14+ for machure/gay content so beware)
my parents,, brother, techer doesnt understand meh so im looking 4 friends add meh on kik (massage and ill tell u it)
~whats the worse that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnite
So long and goodnite~ (mcr))
i am emo/scene/goth/punk./pastelgoth when i feel like it.
i want to marry kurt kobaine...hes so hawt (;
dont ask meh for nudes if ur a PEDO!!! and dont send nudes
massage meh tho (;
ok thxbai :3

also YES IT IS A REAL TATOO IN MY PIC I GOT IT DONE ON MY 12TH BDAY. massage meh && ill prove it to you