22 / Female / Bisexual
magical land of Ooo – US
hai im sammie and umm im strait up with people and myself so im going to be strait up with u guys this is my 2 profile on this im bi i love everyone i HATE botdf and i kinda like bvb but not that much i like hevay s*** like whitechaple / Chelsea grin/ distirtbed/ metallica/ we butter the bread with butter thos are some of the bands i listen to well if your going to be al "ew shes a scene kid" wel your corected i might look like a scene kid but uhh im not gonna say dont label me cause go ahead i dont give a f*** cause i am an emo kid at heart well off that s*** well im addicted to cutting... to be strait foward i just i dont know what it is about it but it is like pot for stoners for me i just love the feeling... im trying to stop and im depressed so ya know f*** you... and your couch cx well yeah i can be fun and funny and i love to make people laugh but f*** with me ill cut of al your fingers .. im just kidding well yeh thats me ........o yeah and i LOVE cats cx